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Google’s Merchant Center: What Is It?

If you’re used to search campaigns where you are strictly dealing with keyword-level bidding, Shopping Campaigns can be daunting…especially the elusive Merchant Center. What is Google’s Merchant Center exactly?

The Merchant Center is actually where a lot of the magic happens in Shopping Campaigns. This is where your product data feeds live. A product data feed is a list of all the products you sell. And it’s not just any list; this list has to be in a special format required by Google with tons of attributes that describe your products (think spreadsheet!). Some key attributes of your product data feed list are:

  • ID – the ID you use to uniquely identify your product
  • Title – the name of your product; this will be the text that is shown when your ad is served
  • Description – this text describes your product and will be shown when your ad is clicked
  • Product category – choose from Google’s predefined categories
  • Product type – defined by you
  • Link to item’s page on your website
  • Availability status (in stock or not)
  • Price
  • Sale price

No need to write text ads like you do for search campaigns – shopping ads are generated automatically using the data in your feed.

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