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What is an AdWords Account Audit?

An AdWords account audit is the process of evaluating the effectiveness of your AdWords accounts.

An audit can reveal painful hidden issues that need to be addressed. Once you’ve identified these issues, you can get to work improving the overall health and performance of your account.

While there are many automated tools and services that provide algorithmic-based audit results and grades for your account, they often lack the context of your marketing goals, focus audience, and unique desired outcomes of your PPCefforts.

The key to a good audit is to:

  1. Identify what you’re going to review and understand the importance of it.
  2. Review and document the status of each item in the audit.
  3. Make detailed notes and call out examples of items that need to be revisited or addressed in the post-audit action plan.

The audit itself isn’t the time to make account or campaign updates (unless you uncover something so critical that it must be addressed immediately).

It’s important to get into, through, and out of the audit process delivering a report and results that can be put into an action plan for one-time follow-up activities and processes for ongoing management adjustments.

The last thing you want to do is start an endless audit that has changing objectives throughout.

Why You Need an AdWords Account Audit

Whether you’re taking over an account from a client, another vendor, or as part of a new role in your company, knowing where things stand before investing significant time and money is critical.

There are also benefits to periodically auditing your finely-tuned campaigns, allowing time to take a step back and look at things that might be missed in day-to-day management.

Some benefits that can result from an AdWords audit include:

  1. Finding areas of spend waste.
  2. Identifying new opportunities to expand.
  3. Enhancing ongoing management processes.
  4. Gaining audience insights that can be applied to the account as well as other marketing channels.
  5. Validation of assumptions.

What follows is a step-by-process you can use when performing your own AdWords account audit. You will gain invaluable insights and uncover big opportunities where you can improve your accounts.

Focusing on these areas and asking these important questions when performing your own AdWords account audit will help ensure that you’re maximizing your PPC marketing ROI.

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